What is DHTML News Ticker

Dec 6th, 2009 by admin in Java scripts

DHTML Account Ticker is a able awful configurable javascript account ticker solution. Cool furnishings ambit from accumbent scrolling, javascript marquee, wiping, and fading!


  • Professional-looking javascript account scroller design.
  • Accessible building, testing and installation.
  • Provides an accessible adjustment for carrying account and added information.
  • Adjustable aftereffect acceleration and abeyance adjournment amid items.
  • Allows some HTML tags for accumbent javascript account scroller items.
  • It supports 5 appropriate effects.
  • Supports images.
  • Full customizable chantry characteristics.
  • Runs assorted html account ticker on one web folio.
  • A beheld editor guides you through the accoutrement action of the accumbent html scrolling text.
  • Requires no Javascript ability to actualize html ticker, javascript marquee, and argument fader.

Where to download: scriptocean.com/dticker.html

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